Company background

Ira – Industrial Robot Automation ApS – is a Danish company. Ira was founded in 2010 by persons with more than 30 years experience in the printing industry.


Ira is partly owned by Robot Invest ApS, Henrik Christiansen and the venture fund STI – Syddansk Teknologisk Innovation.


Ira cooperates closely with Scandinavia’s leading universities for robotics science – Syddansk University in Denmark, Linköping University in Sweden and Denmark’s Teknologisk Institut (Denmark’s biggest engineering development organization). Ira is also backed by the Danish Ministry of Research, Innovation and Superior Education and has a worldwide development and marketing agreement with Yaskawa Electric Corporation from Fukuoka, Japan relating to its Motoman robots for the graphics industry. Yaskawa is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial robots and the only supplier of two armed industrial robots. For more information, see ira partners.



Ira excels in identifying opportunities for the use of robots in the printing industry and then developing all necessary related programming. The company’s primary objective is to introduce robotic solutions to the printing industry that can improve efficiency, productivity and profitability.


The most labor intensive print production is within sheet-fed offset and digital printing, because each step in the production process within commercial-, book-, magazine-, package- and label printing contains numerous individual activities that cannot be linked together. Thus each production process requires significant material lifting to and from pallets. Ira’s vision is to automate these pallet lifts with robotic solutions. The challenge of material handling in print production is that substrates (paper, board, plastics) are “living” materials that are difficult, if not impossible, for conventional robots to handle. The solution is to use advanced humanoid robots, which are just now being introduced in the robotic industry.


Together with Yaskawa, ira and some of Scandinavia’s most experienced robotic engineers have developed ira P-165 SLRC for paper lifting, airing, separating and moving. It is ira’s and Yaskawa’s vision to introduce other sophisticated robotic solution based on this winning concept for the printing industry in the near future.


Ira’s way forward

Ira’s plan for the near future is to introduce advanced 2-arm humanoid industrial robots for easy and efficient handling of “living” products like paper to the printing industry. The most obvious application to robotize is lifting, airing, separating and moving substrates from a pallet to a vibration of a paper cutter. Ira P-165 SLRC, which does exactly this, is ira’s first application to print production and is patent protected.


Ultimately ira seeks to automate every working position in the print production process containing manual, repetitive, boring and heavy work.